I’ve had a major insight that has transformed my meditation practise. It’s about saying “yes” to whatever happens to be in your soul. You must have an attitude of “yes, and…” where you ascent to distractions but simultaneously try to keep focusing on the object of meditation.

Saying no creates like a shadowy dead zone in your soul; where you are the judger saying no and your energies feel suppressed. There is a dynamic of dual awareness. Whereas saying yes creates an atmosphere of unity: non dual awareness. “It’s all ok but keep refocusing as well.”

Thus it seems that meditation involves two seperate practices: actual meditation, and non-judgement.

The Problem With Political Correctness

529a64e71605fb6361000428One of the biggest problems with western culture at the moment is that political correctness is mistaken for truth and progressiveness has been conflated with absolute good. Intellectual honesty, independence, and common sense are viscerally lacking.

It’s a reasonably objective fact that the best societies are moderate ones. That is to say, there are both progressive and conservative elements, free market and social safety nets. However, in western countries, the narrative has been hijacked out of compassion or pity for weaker groups. Ideas that were rigorously formed by our seminal thinkers throughout history and are the very roots of our culture have become stigmatised, edgy and even taboo in much of public life because of a minority of people who are offended.

When society and its institutions (particularly universities and the media) lose the ability to discuss the full spectrum of ideas maturely it loses its appreciation for nuance. That’s what we’re seeing. All too often black and white statements which are patently false or specious are being conflated with truth simply because they match the pattern.

In this social climate, it’s risky for public figures to undermine politically correct narratives and as a result, the only ones who seem to speak what we all know to be true are the ones whose livelihoods aren’t jeopardised by it.