The Black Belt Blueprint


This book was eminently readable and touched on a lot of ground without wasting its breath, so to speak.

Reading it has shown me a lot of hidden meaning in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. For example the more spiritual aspects of it such as mindfulness during grappling or using BJJ to master life in general.

This has dramatically increased my interest in the art because it’s shown me that there is an intellectualism of it beyond simply showing up to train. Thus it’s given me something to think about while training.

It’s shown me overarching principles of BJJ and a three-part strategy for improving based on conditioning, concepts and techniques. As a white belt, I look forward to putting into practice his advice of mastering one sequence (perhaps pulling guard followed by a triangle). The concept I will focus on first is remembering to breathe properly whilst grappling.

It was a quick read but you can’t really expect a martial arts book to be too heavy. It was particularly readable because it was so relatable due to the practice that I’ve done