Improve Your State 

I believe that a good thing to aspire to in life is a fantastic “state”. Hear me out.

Some people such as myself are rational souls. Life seems to be more of the frontal cortex: ideas, plans, doing what’s “smart”. I believe however that much of our day to day thinking is heavily based on emotions – we just don’t know it.
Eckhart Tolle taught that in order to understand our true present state, we must pay attention to our emotional body. Our thinking can rationalise and convince us about how we are so we must look deeper. He also confirmed that thinking is indeed influenced by the emotional body.

One of life’s great pleasures is being free from frustration and neediness. When our mood improves so do the quality of our thoughts, they become powerful and pure, of a high vibration. Address emotional needs then our thoughts will, in turn, be heightened.

On some level, we’re all avoiding pain and pursuing pleasure already. So what goes wrong? People fail to delay gratification. They try to appease their current little selves rather than change to be less needy. They don’t use courage as a means of transcending fear, rather they just try to avoid fear or pain.

Everyone can be happy. Everyone can find belonging. Most people can do work that they like and find meaningful. Some things are quite rarefied, though. Most can never be kings, even though deep down we might want that. Some things are potentially within reach but are reserved for winners; things like beauty, love, lifestyle, wealth, mastery or being a leader. These things that would often mean an end to frustration are what I mean by “state”.

Appease the self as I have mentioned, but ultimately the self ought to be transcended. This may be the best feeling of all.