It’s a public holiday (Melbourne cup day). I had breakfast then went for a walk in the park. Tried write something for my other blog but I need caffeine. As I was walking back I passed this girl wearing tights and sunglasses walking her dog. I made eye contact for a split second but the pressure was intense and I quickly looked away. Also it was awkward having another old guy passing at the same time and it being on a steep hill.
I’m at home and think I have to move houses today. The event I was going to go to later is cancelled because it’s a public holiday. I want to go out somewhere for lunch but I know there will be women there so I’m scared to go because I feel obliged to approach.

I’m having lunch at mum’s house since she offered. I feel the stress levels even being here, they feel quite low though, almost like butterflies. This is probably how a man should feel in life.

As I was walking here there I noticed a girl walking up ahead, but I was about to turn down a side street. I felt dread because of the possible obligation to talk to her but I managed to make eye contact. She seemed to look at me quite gravely and I felt that I wasn’t into it.

I’ve had an afternoon of intense drama about moving house. Im pretty much infected with toxic, negative energy as I sit here in this cinema, about to watch a movie I was invited to.