On General Advice

“Never give up” has become a cliche that we here all too often. Social media makes motivational advice like this spread like wildfire. I’m not sure who makes those inspirational images or why but there’s an oversaturation.
We all need some inspiration or advice sometimes. I used to like to saturate myself with motivational quotes but lately it seems that less is more. When it comes to advice there’s a sweet spot. If you don’t have any fresh ideas coming in at all you’ll be reinventing the wheel, in the dark or at least being less efficient than you could. If you have too much of it then you can’t possibly use of all of it maybe you will barely use any of it and it becomes degraded to aim-inhibited inspiration. Analysis paralysis.
Some general advice you use every day. Things such as drink more water or exercise often can hardly lead you astray and are nearly always pertinent. Though in some ways, this is a different kettle of fish. Sometimes what you need to hear is  actionable advice tailored to your specific situation. Someone to shine a light on your blind spots. Sage advice like this isn’t likely to pop up on your newsfeed.
Never give up is not something that always applies. It’s most likely when you’re trying to do something and other people aren’t forthcoming with the support or compliance you’d hoped. Maybe they’re even withdrawing emotional support or discouraging you with a passion. This is when it gets painful to continue. When things aren’t going your way and you feel like giving up because it’s hard and discouraging: that’s when “never give up” becomes sage advice.
In conclusion, there seems to be a full spectrum of helpful stories, ideas, and sentiments, ranging from the general to the tailored, sentimental to pragmatic. It’s possible both to underuse and to overuse them. Try to avoid these extremes.