Find What Energises You 

If you characteristically feel tired or lazy, the problem might be that you’re not doing what energises you in life.

You might be someone who prefers to be self-employed or to be creative. Or maybe you crave structure. Or maybe you want to help people. Or to work at night times. In any case, I believe that everyone has something that would make them come alive.

From the perspective of ego, it can seem like a better decision to do something you’re not passionate about. Maybe because you’re more interested in the idea or narrative of it.

Great spiritual teachers such as Alan Watts typically prescribe that you do what you love. Tony Robbins suggests you do what energises you.

Writing and business ventures seem to really light my fire. GAMSAT did also. I tell you this not to brag, but as a cautionary tale.

When you’ve spent your life staying up late and pressing snooze, there’s nothing quite like undersleeping because your body seems to prefer to be awake. You have energy the whole day and night. Reading and working out become as easy as watching TV but more rewarding. Your inner child shines through as things like humour come to the surface. Life is exciting again.