What Is Internet Marketing?

Have you ever looked at people who make a living online and thought; what do they actually produce? Why do they only talk in generalisations and cliches but never seem to demonstrate what specifically is the source of income? Almost like snake-oil salesmen, the human embodiment of platitudes.
Or at least this is what I thought until recently when a huge lightbulb lit up. People like this are about marketing.
I majored in finance (with entrepreneurship and foreign exchange to China). This seemed to give me a good head for “optimising” things such as the use of time, energy and money. However when the prospect of starting a business loomed I was at a loss. Predicting or influencing buyers’ behaviour seemed completely beyond me, mystical even.
Simply wetting my beak in marketing content has restructured my understanding of what is possible. There is a predictable and learnable process which exists. Perhaps even a science.
Marketing seems to have been a gap in my knowledge which made business mystifying and my ideas flightless. Perhaps it was for you as well. Here is a podcast I came across which made the penny drop: rainmaker.fm podcast