A Salad to Remember


My heart sank when the McDonald’s lady said they stopped serving my signature grilled chicken salad. She pointed me over to the unforgiving screen. As I dragged my feet expecting to have to add chicken to a garden salad, a twinkle of hope emerged: a solitary sign saying only “create your own salad”. The thumping in my chest got louder and faster as I flicked through the selections adding grilled chicken, bacon, pita bread, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, jalapeños, cos lettuce, cucumber, red onion and balsamic dressing. The five minutes whilst they made this noble salad couldn’t have been any longer in my opinion. As she dropped it to my table a note of bacon and balsamic dressing addressed the nostrils. I ate as quickly as possible. Contrasting flavours and textures on a crisp bed of lettuce. Pita bread and bacon gave it the credentials of a substantial meal. The McDonalds lady even checked in on me and needless to say I was very happy with it. The refresher towel said “wipe off everything except your smile”. Fine sirs and madams; it would take a lot more than that to wipe off this smile.



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